About Queen's Wood Studio

An eco friendly fashion brand with jewellery designed and handmade by Hattie Wragg

It all started in Queen’s Wood
Beauty, adventure, connection, eco friendly precious jewellery


My designs bring together handmade recycled silver, gold and brass elements with beautiful and unique stones and vintage materials collected from markets and bead quarters around the world. I began the process of becoming an eco-friendly fashion brand in April 2015, and since then have committed to using only recycled metals, vintage and antique stones, non-toxic studio chemicals and recycled and recyclable packaging, so you can treasure your jewellery knowing it has trod lightly on the world. Please see my eco policies page for more information.

My first studio looked over Queen’s Wood in Highgate, London. It was a beautiful place to work, looking over the oaks and hornbeams of the ancient wood. I have since relocated to Brno in the Czech Republic, a place full of makers and inspiring folk craft practices. You can see the influences already in my work!

I launched Queen’s Wood Studio as an Etsy shop in December 2014 and have sold to customers as far afield as California. One thing I’ve loved about selling on Etsy is the rapport you get with customers. They will tell you many things about themselves and about the place the item you’ve made will have in their lives. My pieces all have stories. Each element has its connection to the place it was discovered, to the folk traditions it was once a part of. Some vintage elements once had their places in the jewellery boxes of my mother, grandmother and great aunts – these all have family legends attached. It makes sense to me, then, that the story continues for my designs in their new homes.

Follow me for all the latest developments. I’d love to know what you think too.

Hattie x