About Queen's Wood Studio

Queen’s Wood Studio was founded in 2014.


My inspiration

is from the landscape, from art, poetry and stories, and from the eclectic nature of my materials themselves. Soon after I started, I realised I could make jewellery in a sustainable way. The silver could be 100% recycled, the stones vintage and antique rather than new-mined, the processes using kitchen cupboard ingredients instead of toxic chemicals, and the packaging recycled too. I love this way of working with what I can find, designing my jewellery like a collage artist. Every piece I make is truly one of a kind.


It all started in London,

in my flat overlooking Queen’s Wood. I had been making jewellery since I was a child, from bottle tops, tin cans, beads from old necklaces. The design challenge always appealed to me; how to make something beautiful that is also strong and sits well on the body? I gained a City and Guilds qualification in silversmithing while I was studying for my A-levels but I’d always put my jewellery making second to my academic work. I went to Cambridge to study English Literature. Then did a masters at University College London and on to a PhD at Oxford. In 2014 I’d returned to London to be closer to other academics working in my field, but I was burnt out. I found writing an incredible strain and was looking down the barrel of the life I had built for myself: forever chasing the next publication, the next achievement.

I started Queen’s Wood Studio so I could work on something I felt good about. By the summer of 2015 I put my PhD on pause and moved to the Czech Republic with my boyfriend — somewhere affordable with hot summers and cold winters, a culture and language I knew nothing about — for an adventure. And here I found a living folk culture, infused with magic and common sense, and with a heartfelt connection to the landscape. I found an inspiring community of independent designers and makers who have included me and mentored me. I found my way as an artist.


My mission

is to bring to you a different, gentler jewellery. To offer you something bold but easily wearable because of its subtle light-reflecting surfaces and natural shapes. My love and joy is in making you feel beautiful; the most You version of yourself. Because confidence leads to kindness and what happier way to make a change in this world.

Queen's Wood Studio on Czech TV

Hattie at Queen’s Wood Studio tells the story of her sustainable jewellery brand and how she creates her unique organic-form pieces. Plus exclusive footage of her latest fashion show with BIELA at Brno Design Days.
From the new Czech TV series FOREIGNERS IN BRNO, a series of interviews with interesting and inspirational people who came to Brno from all different parts of the world.


October 2020 – ‘Undefeated’ outdoor fashion show in collaboration with Atelier Tammam, London

March 2020 – Designer showcase at the Tears of Fashion Grand Opening at Josefina Bakošová (formerly Harddecore), Prague

February 2020 – Pure London in collaboration with Lemuel MC, London

December 2019 – Lemarket, Prague

November 2019 – Let It Slow, London

November 2019 – Czech Fashion Festival, Brussels

October 2019 – Brno Design Days Fashion Show in collaboration with BIELA clothing

June-October 2019 – Summer Pop-up at Kurator, Prague

April 2019 – ‘New Mythology’ Solo exhibition at Industra, Brno

March 2019 – ‘New Mythology’ Solo exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week, Munich

December 2018 – ‘The most beautiful Christmas’ Pop-up at Kurator, Prague

October 2018 – ‘Fast Fall’ Pop-up with Theó at The Distillery, Brno

October 2018 – Brno Design Days Fashion Show in collaboration with Theó

December 2017 – December Design Days, Brno

October 2017 – ‘Behind the Scene’ Pop-up with Theó, Brno


2020 – Central St Martins College of Art and Design: Soldering Masterclass

2018 – Central St Martins College of Art and Design: Stone setting in silver jewellery

2012-15 – University of Oxford: DPhil English Literature – uncompleted

2010-11 – University College London: MA Issues in Modern Culture

2006-9 – University of Cambridge: BA English Literature

2005 – City and Guilds: Diploma in Silversmithing