About Queen's Wood Studio

“I love my earrings – they’re so me.”

When one of my customers said this to me, I realised that I make jewellery so that you can express yourself. Every piece is unique – a piece of wearable art out in the world adorning your ears, your fingers, speaking your personality and becoming part of your beauty.

I find this collaboration humbling! And also a natural extension of my making process. I work by responding to my materials – the way the silver melts and flows, the colours and shapes of the vintage stones I find. I am a collage artist as I select and combine these elements into pieces that feel right. I am a silversmith as I make them into jewellery you can wear.

And when you hold an earring up to your ear, or push a ring onto your finger, and your face shines as you see yourself being you, I feel what an honour it is to be part of bringing that beauty into the world.

Hattie x


P.s. This very beauty compels me to use materials that do not exploit or damage any people or places. I began the process of becoming an eco-friendly brand in April 2015, and since then have committed to using only recycled metals, vintage and antique stones, non-toxic studio chemicals and recycled and recyclable packaging. Please see my eco policies for all the details.