We have moved!

Welcome to my new studio! From cool women’s collective in Brno to life amongst the trees.

I’m now in Suffolk in the UK, making your jewellery in a converted stable. My first time living and working in the countryside! It still feels a bit dream-like actually but I’m loving going a bit wild, walking barefoot, slowly learning about everything that’s living and growing in our new space.

My studio is in the little extra bit on the left of the building in front and we’re living in the bit on the right. I’ve also set up a desk upstairs at that beautiful big window (swipe through) for planning out my designs and laptop work.

And there’s lots to do! I’m currently making work for a 2-month pop up in Paris as part of Paris Design Week in September, and for a new stockist in Chicago. I’m also dreaming some big beauties for two fashion shows – an open air one in Bloomsbury in October and another in Vienna. And I want to do a lovely new eshop update for you too.

It feels quite amazing that I can take part in all these things remotely. Funny new world. I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Thanks for being here with me.

Love, Hattie x