MBPFW collaboration with Petra Kubikova

I was invited to join Petra Kubikova’s show STARDUST at Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week.

I have been a fan of Petra’s for years – you might remember her beautiful hood and coat from my New Mythology shoot by the lake ?

It has been a dream come true to work together again and with her amazing team, including her stylist, Nina Ford another person I’ve dreamed of working with.⁠

It was beautiful to see our work together on the runway. The feminine forms and folds of Petra’s clothes with the organic flows of my jewellery. They looked perfect together. Thanks so much to the whole team!

clothes by Petra Kubikova
supported by Virvar
styling & creative direction by Nina Ford
music by hey emil
graphic design Dominika Kramerová
jewellery by Queen’s Wood Studio
photography and film by Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week