Jewellery Exhibition – New Mythology at Industra

New Mythology, my jewellery exhibition celebrating the magical and the surreal, has come home to Brno. You will be able to see it at Industra for the month of April. Photography, found objects and recycled silver jewellery, all in the cool surroundings of a former meat-packing factory in Brno’s industrial quarter.


In the mist she stands at the water’s edge, swan, now woman, now swan again. She shifts…


New Mythology explores our place in the world through the tale of the swan maiden. A mythical figure, able to assume the form of both woman and swan, she lives between the worlds of humans and nature. The jewellery exhibition asks:

  • Are we also shapeshifters – acceptable workers in the city during the week and off in nature at the weekend?
  • Can we be rewilded like the silver in this exhibition, melted down from electronics, x-ray film and old jewellery, and allowed to flow?
  • Is there magic in the tension of being both wild and tame, spiritual and practical; and in our new need to mine treasure from our waste?


Location: Industra, Masná 9, Brno 602 00
Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 1-7pm & Sundays 10am-7pm
Private view: 4th April 5-7pm
Special event: Brno Art Week ‘Meet the Artist’ 26th April 5-7pm