@adiittiis feature grid on Instagram

Adiittiis feature – catch the podcast, IG takeover & more

Adiittiis did a feature on me this week! There is a podcast interview to listen to or read if you prefer, and a week’s worth of instagram posts on her page all about Queen’s Wood Studio and my New Mythology collection. Possibly the most exciting part for me was the Instagram Takeover I did on the last day, where I took over the @adiittiis stories and posted a full live record of my day in the studio. You can still catch it in my stories highlights under the heading ‘IG Takeover’

Adiittiis The Conscious Design Curation Co, curates artists & designers from across the globe who create sustainable style that never goes out of fashion. It is a creative community unified around a common value system of best practices in the industry.

Thank you so much for the feature Adiittiis!