Ear climbers – inspired by folk art

Simple and elegant ear climbers that are super comfortable to wear

The story…

These ear climbers are a direct response to the time I spent with Helenka, a 16-year old Moravian woman being dressed for her first folk dance. It took two hours to assemble the many layers of undergarments and skirts. One of the final pieces was a waistcoat with three red rosettes on the back – the inspiration for these earrings. I admired Helenka’s grace and good humour even as she was put into all sorts of awkward positions to sew and tie her into the starched layers. She started the process sitting in her bra and tights texting on her phone. She finished a ‘starka’, filled with the solemn pride, toughness (the dress is heavy), and excitement of all the young village women who had come before her. I later watched as the dancers stopped outside her front door and her partner sang an invitation to join him. It was magical.

Made from 100% recycled silver, this sustainable jewellery is perfect for the folk-loving, eco conscious woman in your life. The folk ear climbers come wrapped in a hand-sewn deadstock fabric pouch inside an earring box made from recycled cardboard.

Made from

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver