Folk fortune jewellery – unique, personalised, playful

I’m so excited about my new folk fortune collection. I made each piece by casting molten silver in water.

Water casting – a folk fortune telling technique

Water casting is an earlier form of reading the tea leaves. Lots of Czechs still do it at Christmas, melting tin or lead, pouring it into a bucket of cold water and reading their future from the hardened forms. Doesn’t it sound like a great family game?

As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to try it with silver. I’m so pleased with the results. The colours and shapes are so beautiful I can’t quite believe they’re random. Maybe I’m secretly a great fortune teller because I keep finding fantastically clear forms of animals, hearts, angels and all sorts of symbols in the bottom of my bucket. Each time I cast the silver to make a piece of jewellery I ask it, ‘The person who chooses this: what is their future? What do they need to know?’

So, when you choose a piece, I’ll be able to tell you your fortune too.

Made from

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver