Karoliny Světlé 17,
Praha 1
Czech Republic

Kurator says, “What do we enjoy lately? We love peculiar asymmetric jewellery made of recycled silver by Hattie Wragg from Brno. Hattie uses only certified recycled materials in her jewellery making, all the “chemistry” she uses is environmentally friendly, made directly in her studio and is completely transparent – all details, including supplier details, are available on her website. Kurator has the first ever gilded silver collection. It is tender beauty – come and see.”

Debut Gallery

Malé náměsti 12
Praha 1
Czech Republic

Debut says: “Asymmetry, organic shapes and above all the emphasis on the sustainability of production. Do you like it as much as we do?”


Senovážné nám. 2088
110 00 Nové Město
Czech Republic


Údolní 25
Czech Republic

Object says, “Recycled silver, random shapes and positive vibes by Hattie. An inspiring approach to a responsible and sustainable brand that obtains silver from traceable sources by recycling silver parts. Also, all chemicals used in the jewellery making process are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. And the packaging? Of course, recycled and recyclable. Luxury gets a new dimension.”



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Not Just A Label (NJAL) says, “Queen’s Wood Studio has been selected as a Black Sheep, one of a selection of designers from the NJAL community that we have identified as being especially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work.”